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Développement dispositifs médicaux
Worldwide expert in molding and assembly of plastic technical parts for the healthcare and the industry.

Activities: Design office - R&D - Mold manufacturing - Pilot prototype & large series - Injection & Assembly - 4,000 m² of clean rooms - Quality commitment
The Group: 6 manufacturing sites - 650 employees
Développement dispositifs médicaux
Lifescience player in pharmaceutical products and medical devices.

Activities: Strategic diagnosis - Marketing strategy - Industrial strategy - Project management - Industrialization - Purchasing & Subcontracting.
Développement dispositifs médicaux
Dedicated manufacturer for prototyping to industrialization of innovative medical devices in ophtalmology and precisely for sampling ocular surface for diagnosis

Activities: Development - Project management - Regulatory affairs - Patents - Proof of concept - Marketing
Expert in design and manufacturing of innovative production equipment for the industry

Activities: Robotization - Custom Equipment - Automated Assembly - Innovation
The company: 70 employees - 2 production sites - 24 years of experience
Développement dispositifs médicaux
Expert in the design and manufacture of innovative tailor-made medical devices dedicated to patients & medical professionals - EVEON provides intuitive, reliable and secure devices for complex treatments.

Activities: R&D - Innovation - Health & Medical.
The company: 30 employees
Développement dispositifs médicaux
Specialist and manufacturing of silicone parts and other elastomers for the industrial and medical sectors.

Activities: Design Office - Mechanics & Production - Marking - Packaging
The company: 70 employees - 5,000 m² of offices and workshops - Control laboratory
Strategic and technical support for the development and production of active medical devices, from idea to marketing.

Activities: Expertise in innovative class IIa IIb and III devices (implantable, patient treatment, diagnosis). ValoTec also offers consulting and expertise services for existing devices
The Hub4AIM alliance gathers all complementary strengths of JBT HubUp (design, industrialization, production), CEA-Leti (innovative technologies), Université Grenoble Alpes (software prototyping) and CHU Grenoble Alpes (clinical studies) in acollaborative and flexible platform which adapts to the Medtech companies.

The major asset of Hub4AIM is to offer start-ups, SMEs and groups wishing to develop new healthcare solutions, a personalized offer that opens the way to the industrialization of their medical devices by selecting the right partners, giving privileged access to expertise and equipment, bringing an external look to cover the entire chain of development of medical devices from conception to marketing.
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